How to Create Index Sheet Hyper-linked to Other Sheets

Some days ago, I was working with some data which was distributed in about 18 sheets within a single Excel file. I was supposed to make calculations and then present that file to senior management. Now presentation was important as well. I must have made it easier for...
How To Add Colored Cells in Microsoft Excel

How To Add Colored Cells in Microsoft Excel

Use of SUM formula is very common to add a range of cells. You can also use SUMIF as well if some condition has to be fulfilled for addition of certain cells. But if we have to add certain cells from a range on basis of cell background color or font color of those...

Working With Excel

Era of electronic spreadsheets started from VisiCalc in 1983 and now well developed version of Microsoft Excel 2010 is available at this moment and too much is to appear yet. Name any profession where employees use computers, Excel exists there. No organization...

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