Keyboard shortcut for Autosum option in Excel

Working with Excel in office environment extensively needs you to work with keyboard. You need to be quick to be productive. Time and motion study proves it that making use of keyboard shortcuts reduces time required to accomplish a task. You must learn the short cuts for the tasks you use more frequently.

Autosum option in Ribbon

Probability is quite higher that you use autosum option quite frequently. When applied, this deploys SUM function on selected cell such that cells above that are added. If there is no value above, preceding cells in the row are checked and sum of the values is returned.

hold ALT and press +

This task can be done quickly using keyboard shortcut. You only need to hold ALT and press + button. And SUM function as described above is implemented on selected cell. Like Cell A6 was selected and ALT+ is pressed to get sum of cells above selected cells.

How to Assign Keyboard Shortcut to Open Excel in Windows

If you are used to keyboard short-cuts, it really makes life easier. You can really do tasks way faster.

You have plenty of keyboard shortcuts once you are working in Excel. But you want to open using a shortcut? It’s very easy.

Simply go to the Excel icon and open properties using right click. Rest is explained below.

In properties, go to Shortcut tab; there is option of Shortcut key. You can use any combination of your choice. I am using Ctrl + Shift + E. To enter this, you need to hold Ctrl, then Shift and then press E.

using Ctrl+Shift+E as short key